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St Helens Personal Training

Where Fitness Becomes Your Lifestyle

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St Helens Personal Training

St Helens Personal Training maintains an educated, skilled and friendly health service  that is dedicated to providing the specialized attention, training and knowledge needed to help our clients attain their unique fitness objectives.  As ardent students of the latest developments in fitness and exercise programs, we maintain the highest standards for our trainers ensuring they regularly develop their skills through related courses throughout the year.

Our clients who are a diverse group with an array of fitness goals. We treat every client with the same level of care regardless of whether they are pro athletes or an individual who is new to fitness.

Self-care is an essential personal priority. In today’s busy world, it’s important that all our clients put themselves first for just a few hours a week. The STHPT coach will keep you focused and motivated on that goal – personal fitness and well being.

Our Training Options